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How to get your Coin listed on ShopinBit

Let’s get your coin on the Worlds biggest Crypto-only store!

We receive around 15-20 requests for coin listings each month. Since we have standards for what coins are acceptable, reviewing them takes time that we would rather use improving our service even further. To make our procedure more transparent, here are our Minimum-Standards for getting listed:

  1. No Pyramid/Ponzi/MLM/Scam Coins
  2. Listed on Binance with at least a BTC Pair.
  3. Positive Community in the European Union that is interested in Adoption and using the coin.

If you’re confident that your coin holds up to these standards, you can apply by sending us a Message through our Contact Form.

To only get serious inquieries the fee for a review is 1 BTC. Paying the fee does not guarantee a listing on ShopinBit. After paying the fee and our review phase, we will tell you if we are going to list you or why we won’t. Legal action can not be taken if your coin does not get listed.

If you do get listed, here are your perks:

  • Prominent featuring on our site, logo and our social media outlets
  • Access to over 80.000+ Products for your users and more through our Concierge Service
  • Integration into ShopinBit and
  • Integration into future regions of ShopinBit

Starting today, this is the only way to get listed on ShopinBit.

If you have further questions please leave a comment below.

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